About Us

We are Lamont Jones

We are proud to act as Human Resource partners for many companies across the country providing prompt, practical advice. With over 30 years’ experience we are qualified professionals in HR and employment law.

Lamont Jones’ ‘Mission, Vision and Values’ are fundamental core beliefs of the business. We firmly value customer satisfaction – our clients are our present as well as our future and our statements reflect this.

To provide small and medium sized businesses with a high level of HR support at an affordable price.

To be the most trusted provider of HR for small and medium sized businesses.


  • Customer satisfaction is crucially important in order to maintain a respected relationship.
  • Our reputation is important to us and is based on how we treat our clients.
  • We are approachable.
  • We care for all clients of all sizes.
  • We solve problems in a supportive and knowledgeable way.
  • We are responsive and pro-active to ensure all our clients know we value their custom and business.