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What can I do to motivate my staff?

Monday, April 24th, 2017

It is a tough question – easy to say and hard to do!

There are several motivational tools that, if used correctly, will put a spring in the step – here is a summary

1. Focus on the environment. You can’t ‘make’ somebody feel motivated, any more than you can make them fall in love. Motivation comes from within and is way more complicated than the traditional “carrot and stick”, so focus on creating the right working environment for that feeling to flourish.

2. Loosen the reins. Sometimes taking a step back can boost performance, because people are more motivated to achieve a goal when they have a sense of autonomy. When delegating, be clear on the output you expect but let them choose how they go about it.

3. Be fair. People’s perception of fairness has an enormous impact on their motivation levels. If they see a less hard-working colleague receive the same treatment, their motivation and output is likely to drop. Clearly distinguish between average performers and stars to make everyone strive for the latter.

4. Reward creatively. Money isn’t the only way to recognise hard work; research shows that praise and attention from leaders can be more motivating. Unexpected rewards provide a boost and don’t have to cost the earth – time off or a small personal gift is just as effective.

5. A lack of purpose breeds boredom – which damages performance. Motivation is a feeling, so appeal to their emotions by telling a compelling story about the purpose of their role. Make the future seem exciting and personally worthwhile to watch their engagement and effort soar.

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