The DVLA is reminding drivers that they are legally required to renew a photocard driving licence every ten years.

A letter is sent to an individual’s home address. If any of your employees drive for you, then you need to make sure that you obtain a copy.

Photocard driving licences are only valid for 10 years from the date of issue, not the start of the year they are issued.

Failure for drivers who do not renew them risks a personal fine of £1,000 and the possibility of the vehicle they are driving being seized. This is something you do not want to risk.

The submission has to be applied for before the current one expires. The holders can continue to drive while it is being processed, but individuals have to apply themselves.

If any of your employees drive their own vehicles or your vehicles to do the job they are employed to do, then you are relying on them being prompt and efficient when the DVLA writes to them.

Rather than take the risk, it would be prudent to have a checking system in place so you can ensure it has been done.

The second consideration is insurance, and this is very important.

If an employee drives for you, whether in their own car or a company vehicle, and their photocard licence has expired, then this will automatically invalidate the insurance policy that covers the vehicle.

This is not a concern for staff commuting to and from your place of work, but it is a concern if they drive for you as part of the job they do.

Licences can be renewed online if the individual has a valid UK passport, and renewal takes 3–4 weeks.

We would advise you not to take the risk and to check; if you need any advice, please give us a ring.