Training - Employee Relations

Management Training, Team Building, Leadership

Training can be provided in house – on your premises or off site – our premises or a hired venue. 
Delivered as full days, half days or shorter coaching sessions

Management Training

The greatest expenditure a business has is its staff. Managing staff well can make your business more profitable, getting it wrong can have the opposite affect and the additional burden of potential employment tribunal claims which could cost your company thousands of pounds. These courses aim to give managers the tools to get it right.

Full Management Course

2 methods of delivery – either 3 hour in house seminars or 3 full day course

(1) Seminar management training  – each session runs for 3 hours and can be delivered in house and for up to 8 people – choose from a list of 15 topics and decide what is needed for your company. Delivering this way avoids taking your managers out of the workplace for days on end and is a ‘building block’ technique to take on new skills one at a time


(2) The full course can be run over 3 days usually delivered one day per month.

  1. Managing your team – some simple rules
  2. How to get the team members involved Including how to set realistic targets and how to hold effective meetings
  3. Delegation – how to and why
  4. Ensure people know exactly what is expected of them – how to set boundaries – how to use the Job Description as a management tool – how to set work principles and aligning these to the businesses goals
  5. How to inspire loyalty and team spirit
  6. Team/individual Goals – how to set them and how to ensure they are done
  7. Adapt your style to each team member – communication skills
  8. How to train staff to bring you solutions not problems
  9. How to prioritise work and get it done/hard work v effective work – including how to set examples/standards
  10. How to ensure you keep motivating staff and to not let things get to you. You are there to be effective
  11. How to have a game plan that delivers the company objectives – including how to prioritise
  12. How to fill your time productively and profitably
  13. How to motivate the team and remember that none of us has to be here – Don’t play politics – get results and be judged on your delivery
  14. How to build respect – both ways – staff and customers
  15. Be aware of your responsibilities and be accountable for them – Don’t cut corners – you will get found out – Be in command & take charge
Absence Management

half day course – delivered up to 8 people

Getting managers to understand how this affects the bottom line and how to be responsible for their people.

This is aimed at all levels who manage people. This course covers procedures to adapt to manage absenteeism, how to conduct ‘return to work’ interviews, how to monitor absence, the importance of evidence, analysing patterns, dealing with sensitive issues and understanding how legislation can help the employer.

Appraisal Interviewing

1 day course – delivered up to 8 people

This course is aimed at individuals who manage staff and covers all the different types of performance interviews ranging from one to one meeting through to the formal annual appraisal. The aim is for this important management tool to give structure and improve effectiveness.

Conducting investigations

1 day course – delivered up to 8 people

We get managers to understand why it is important to investigate before they react – how to conduct simple investigations into day to day matters – how to check up without staff realising you are doing it – this will improve performance and not destroy working relationships.

Managing Diversity

1 day course – delivered up to 8 people

This is for all levels of management and covers defining diversity for your organisation, working with and understanding diversity policies. How to gain buy-in, how to conduct a diversity audit and how to deliver diversity training for your staff.

Disciplinary training

half day course – delivered up to 8 people

How to conduct a safe disciplinary hearing – the pit falls and how to avoid them

Data Protection

half day course – delivered up to 8 people

It is legal requirement for companies to demonstrate that staff are trained in this area – this is an informative session that ticks all the legal boxes

First Time Manager - Management Skills

1 day course – delivered up to 8 people

This is aimed at first time managers and covers the basic principles of how to manage effectively, time management, delegation, motivating your team, performance management including managing poor performers.


We can design, deliver and support the implementation of an appraisal system to suit your needs. From half day work shops to one to one coaching for individual managers – we deliver what you need

Basic HR Management

1 day course – delivered up to 8 people

We train managers to understand the basics of employment law to prevent unnecessary slip ups! Covering recruitment, disciplinaries, grievances and redundancies.

How to hold effective meetings

half day course – delivered up to 8 people

This is a practiced skill which by applying certain rules and guidelines, meetings will provide better results and eliminate time wasting.

Recruitment & Selection

1 day course – delivered up to 8 people

This is aimed at all managers with the responsibility to recruit. Covering legislative matters, where to find staff, sifting to ensure you do not discriminate, interviewing skills and using competency based questions. How to run assessment days for cost effective recruitment on a larger scale.

Equal Opportunities

half day course – delivered up to 8 people

It is legal requirement for companies to demonstrate that their staff are training in this area – this is a no nonsense straight forward way of looking at this topic.

Objective Setting

1 day course

Understand why we need objectives and how to set them using the SMART technique.

Team Building

From one day to longer sessions including residential. All great teams support each other; but do we ever have the time to get to know each other?

This is an opportunity to really get to know your colleagues, understand them and have some FUN!

It is an opportunity for you to have a say on the direction of the company as it goes into the next growth phase

Each team event is unique and will involve interaction, some classroom, lots of psychology, outside and inside tasks – all depends on what is needed to achieve the aim of the event – it is bespoke to your needs


This is a huge topic with many innovative methods on the market. However, our development concentrates on results by changing behaviour not just teaching some cute quick fix techniques that soon get forgotten once delegates get back to the ‘real world’.

All programmes are tailored to the client and are written by Heather Jones with the use of Psychology based learning techniques and behaviour challenging strategies.

This is a six module course that is accredited.