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We take the pressure off people management – providing HR services for small business through to medium & large organisations, so you can focus on growing. Whether you have one employee or a team of two hundred, HR support is an essential part of running a business. We provide bespoke HR processes custom to your business needs and wants. Our experience can be invaluable to your people management.

We tailor our HR support to each client

All businesses need effective HR that helps them to remain compliant from an employment law standpoint, while also operating in a way that promotes the overall growth of the business. 

Businesses that don’t have the resources for an in-house human resources team can hugely benefit from outsourcing their HR instead.

Based in West Yorkshire, Lamont Jones provides award-winning and CIPD accredited HR services for small businesses across the UK. 

Our HR support covers a wide umbrella of tasks critical to people management, with a central aim of helping businesses to meet their goals and objectives.

Contracts of Employment

Employee contracts form the backbone of the employment relationship. 

Not only is it a legal requirement for employers to provide a written statement of the terms and conditions of employment, but by doing so, you will avoid ambiguity which may lead to potential disputes.

HR outsourcing companies deliver employment contracts that protect your business by ensuring all parties understand exactly what they are agreeing to. We help you understand the intricacies of HR and employment law so you can keep your team and business safe.

Managing Employee Absence

All SMEs experience staff absences from time to time. It is essential to manage absence in an appropriate way that is fair to the company and its employees. Absence from work can usually fit into either of the following categories – planned and authorised absence (such as holidays etc) or unplanned/unexpected. 

Unplanned absences can cause major disruptions in the workplace. The employer is unaware of the absence just before it happens, making it difficult to find cover arrangements. As a business owner, it’s common to feel powerless over how to deal with unexpected absences and the impact they have on your work. 

Our small business HR outsourcing services can help and guide you through these situations with the appropriate HR solutions.


Employee Handbook Services by Lamont Jones

As a CIPD accredited provider of HR services, Lamont Jones collaborates with businesses throughout the UK. Our expertise includes crafting personalized employee handbooks, a cornerstone of our service portfolio.

Crafting a tailored employee handbook guarantees the comprehensive documentation of pertinent terms and information for employees. This written resource is easily accessible, providing clarity and consistency for businesses whenever needed.

Job Descriptions

A job description is not only a vital document used during recruitment processes, but also a management tool to refer to throughout an individual’s employment.

A meaningful job description should; outline your expectations of people in their roles, explain their purpose in the wider business, encourage collaboration between departments, and inspire career development.

Ultimately, they focus your employees on what they need to achieve to support the Company with reaching its collective goals and objectives.

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Handling Redundancies

Redundancy can be one of the toughest situations faced by both the company and its employees. Often, this is not an easy decision to make but a necessary one for the ongoing viability of the business. 

Our HR consultancy services can support you through this complex situation, ensuring you remain compliant throughout and that the process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Whether you require our specialist small business HR services or a tailored redundancy package to meet your needs, our team is on hand to help.

Managing Employee Performance

A company’s success is largely dependent on how well every employee performs. To obtain the best performance from your employees, you need to understand how to effectively manage this resource. 


We can provide step-by-step support, which helps carry this out successfully to ensure everybody in your business is working effectively and efficiently towards the common goal.

Strategic HR

HR companies do more than administration and support functions. They also have a business function that adds value by helping you to achieve your desired aims and objectives. 

Strategic human resource management provides a competitive advantage by integrating and aligning your most valuable asset – your people – with the strategic direction of the small business.

Whether you require this element as part of our HR functions, or just a tailored project to meet our needs, our team is on hand to help and has a wealth of experience in this area.

Disciplinary & Grievances

Handling grievances and managing disciplinaries are two of the biggest workplace worries for employers. It can be time-consuming, disruptive and have a negative effect on other employees. If they are not carried out correctly and effectively, they can result in an employment tribunal. 

Our HR support can provide hands-on, level-headed support that will help protect your business. Our due diligence and investigation will ensure that any action taken is fair and is legally compliant.

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Managing Director of Lamont Jones, Heather Jones, has put together a series of guides that walk readers through the pitfalls of people management, offering tips and advice gained from over 40 years of experience working in human resources.


A well trained team leads to better performance and improved productivity.

HR departments are best placed to evaluate employee skills, identify training needs, design development training plans and monitor individual progress against defined KPIs.

We understand that training can appear costly and time-consuming. However, it’s proven that a well trained team leads to better performance and improved productivity. 

Our training ranges across all levels, from soft skills training for managers up to leadership training for directors and top teams.

HR consulting firms, like Lamont Jones, also cover legislative requirements, like GDPR training, anti-bribery, modern slavery and equal opportunities training.

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Benefits Of Outsourcing HR Services For Small Businesses 

As a business owner, you may have a keen idea of where HR outsourcing could benefit your business specifically. When you contact us about your HR needs as an SME, we can certainly discuss your goals in greater detail, and show you how our vast experience can help ease these challenges. 

But in general, these are some of the most tangible benefits businesses can experience when their HR is in the right hands. 

Access A Wealth Of HR Expertise 

It’s impossible to do it all as a small business or medium enterprise owner. While you may know your products, services and customers inside out, understanding the complexities of HR doesn’t come as naturally to most people.

When you outsource your HR requirements, you can rest assured that an experienced professional is taking care of your people management needs on your behalf.

So whether you require general HR help, or assistance across more sensitive or complex employment matters, outsourcing your HR can bring guidance exactly where it’s needed. 

Provides Everything You Need To Keep Your Small Business Compliant 

The topic of HR is a complex one which oversees many different aspects relating to people management, meaning employers can find it difficult to stay on top of their HR needs. This then leaves businesses vulnerable to issues such as reduced productivity, high employee turnover and even potential legal action.

Outsourcing your HR can help your business remain compliant across various employment law matters as well as health and safety. This includes keeping up with changing guidelines or legislation on your behalf, to ensure your business never misses a trick.

Helps Businesses Overcome Modern Employment Challenges 

The world of work is constantly changing and employers need to be able to keep up. It’s the job of an HR professional to ensure employers can meet any applicable challenges based on changing legislation, topical issues or even advances in technology. 

Examples of where employers may require HR assistance include addressing areas such as remote working, hybrid working, diversity monitoring, wellbeing at work and establishing an AI policy.  


HR professionals are best placed to not only advise employers on any number of issues, but also negotiate with employees, especially where there may be complex or sensitive discussions to be had.
Alongside meeting any commercial aims, the goal of HR is also to create a culture of trust within the business as a whole. 


Cost Effective

Outsourcing your HR allows your business to benefit from an incredible wealth of knowledge and support, but without the costs associated with hiring a full team or in-house HR professional.

Similar to outsourcing other professional services such as accounting, bookkeeping or marketing, outsourced HR allows you to cherry pick the exact areas of support your business needs. Since HR can be hugely beneficial in start-ups and small businesses, the reduced costs associated with outsourcing means your business won’t miss out on the support it needs. 

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HR Services For Small Business FAQs

Outsourced HR provides the services that an in-house HR consultant or team would do on behalf of that business. As a critical aspect of any business, human resources manages and oversees various aspects related to employment and the workplace as a whole.

Absolutely! As a small business or medium enterprise based in the UK, you may not have the time or expertise to manage your own HR requirements. Outsourcing your HR to award-winning HR advisors such as Lamont Jones can help overcome these hurdles, plus any others you are experiencing as a business. Scroll up to view just some of the HR services that we provide to businesses to get a better understanding of how we can help.

There are actually several ways that reduced costs can be achieved by outsourcing HR. First of all, outsourcing rather than hiring a full time employee or team costs less for employers. But more than this, the diligent work of an HR professional looks to save businesses money through smarter hiring decisions and strategic human resources management. Ensuring legal compliance as an employer can also reduce potential costs for employers.

To outsource your HR requirements, you must find a professional who is registered in your territory (i.e. the UK). CIPD accreditation is also strongly desirable, since this requires the professional to meet a range of professional standards when providing HR services on behalf of a business. Lamont Jones not only meets all of these conditions, but also possesses over 40 years of human resources experience. 

The simplest way of explaining why an HR consultant is a valuable asset to any business, is that it can be very challenging, not to mention time-consuming to manage HR issues alone. In addition, making mistakes can be extremely costly for businesses in terms of lost productivity, reduced business growth or even potential legal issues. Having a qualified and dedicated professional to oversee human resources is essential for any business which wants to be both compliant and efficient.

In the UK, it is not a legal requirement to have an HR department or HR manager. However, there are many legal obligations related to HR that employers must adhere to. For instance, employment law compliance, health and safety compliance, being an equal opportunities employer, ensuring anti-discrimination and complying with working time regulations. 

Furthermore, employees must also be provided with a contact so that they know how to access HR documentation. They must also have an appointed person to go to with any grievances or information requests. 

Therefore, by outsourcing any HR requirements to Lamont Jones, employers can be best protected against falling foul of the law due to HR issues. All of which means employing an HR professional can be invaluable for businesses across the board.

Human resources oversee staffing procedures on behalf of small business owners. The required HR tasks in a small business can vary, though can relate to recruitment, employee retention, conditions of employment or training. With a dedicated HR professional overseeing such tasks, employers can concentrate on running their business, knowing that the many complexities that businesses face in managing their staff is being expertly handled.

The advantages of outsourcing HR as a small business can include reduced costs, hand-picked talent, a flexible range of services, better legal compliance and improved employee relationships. That said, these benefits are just a snapshot of what outsourced human resources can bring to any business. This is especially the case with the highly experienced Lamont Jones team at your side.

Lamont Jones is an HR consultancy specialising in assisting small businesses and medium enterprises. 

Based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, we provide HR services for small businesses across Bradford, Brighouse, Castleford, Dewsbury, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Keighley, Leeds, Pontefract, Sheffield and York as well as the wider UK. 

We bring decades of experience to areas such as recruitment, health and safety, employee handbooks, employment contracts, training and much more. Our award-winning and CIPD accredited services are highly bespoke depending on your needs as a business.

To find out more about our HR services give us a call on 01924 441032 or email us at

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