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We take the pressure off people management allowing you to focus on growing your company.

You may be just about to take on your first member of staff, or you have grown to the point where the management of your people is becoming a distraction to running your business and the need for expert HR is viable. Our experience can be invaluable to your people management.

We are aware that cost is a consideration when it comes to HR services for SME’s. We make sure that there are no unexpected costs. We will tailor our services to meet your business needs, ensuring there are no unexpected costs.

From experience, we know that there’s no single service package that could fit everyone we work with.

That’s why we tailor our services to each individual business. Whether you need ongoing support or help with a specific project, we’ll provide guidance and advice that will truly make a difference to your business.

Here are a list of the different ways our HR Advisors can help you. Whether you need help with one, a few, or all of them, together we’ll find the best route for your business.

Contracts of Employment

The Contract of Employment forms the backbone of the employment relationship.

Not only is it a legal requirement for employers to provide a written statement of the terms & conditions of employment, but by doing so, you will avoid ambiguity which may lead to potential disputes.

Contracts therefore are a necessary tool which help to protect your business by ensuring all parties understand exactly what they are agreeing to.

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Managing Employee Absence

All companies will experience staff being absent from work. Managing absence in an appropriate way that is fair to the Company and its staff is therefore essential.  

Absence from work can usually fit into either of the following categories – Planned or authorised absence (such as holidays etc.) or unplanned/unexpected.

It is the unplanned that cause the major disruptions in the workplace. This is absence which an employer is unaware of until just before it happens. This can sometimes make it difficult for an employer to plan cover arrangements. Company’s often feel powerless on how to deal with these issues. This is where we can help and guide you appropriately so before you act, get our advice.

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Staff Handbooks bring together and summarise the Company’s policies, procedures, and practices. Some of which are required by law, whereas others are individual to your business.

Creating effective Handbooks will help form a strong foundation for your Company’s culture by clearly outlining your expectations of your employees. This can lead to higher staff retention and greater productivity.

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Job Descriptions

A job description is not only a vital document used during recruitment processes, but also a management tool to refer to throughout an individual’s employment.

A meaningful job description should; outline your expectations of people in their roles, explain their purpose in the wider business, encourage collaboration between departments, and inspire career development.

Ultimately, they focus your employees on what they need to achieve to support the Company with reaching its collective goals and objectives.

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Handling Redundancies

Redundancy can be one of the toughest situations faced by both the Company and its employees. Often, this is not an easy decision to make, but a necessary one for the ongoing viability of the business.

We can support you with this complex situation, ensuring that you remain compliant throughout and that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Whether you require our ongoing HR support service, or just a tailored redundancy package to meet your needs, our team are on hand to help and have a wealth of experience in this area.

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Managing Employee Performance

A Company’s success is largely dependent on how well every employee performs. However, to obtain the best performance from your employees, your firstly need to understand how to effectively manage this resource.

We can provide step by step support which helps you carry this out successfully to ensure everybody in your business is working effectively and efficiently towards the common goal.

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Strategic HR

HR is more than an administration and support function – it is also a business function that adds value by helping you to achieve your desired aims and objectives.

Strategic human resource management provides a competitive advantage by integrating and aligning your most valuable asset – your people – with the strategic direction of the Company.

Whether you require this element as part of our ongoing HR support service, or just a tailored project to meet your needs, our team are on hand to help and have a wealth of experience in this area.

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Disciplinary & Grievances

Handling grievances and managing disciplinaries are two of the biggest workplace worries for employers. They can be time-consuming, disruptive and have a negative effect on other employees. Furthermore, if they are not carried out correctly and effectively, they can potentially result in an employment tribunal.

Our team has a wealth of experience in these areas and can provide hands-on, level-headed support that will help protect your business.

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Managing Director of Lamont Jones, Heather Jones, has put together a series of guides that walk readers through the pitfalls of people management, offering tips and advice gained from over 40 years of experience working in human resources.


The greatest expenditure a business has is its people – it is also its greatest asset. We understand that training can appear costly and time-consuming. However, it’s proven that a well-trained team leads to better performance and greater productivity.

We have an award-winning training team with two National Training Awards under our belt, as well as accreditations from the Bradford School of Management.

Our training ranges across all levels, from soft skills training for Managers up to leadership training for Directors and top teams.

We also cover legislative requirements such as GDPR training, anti-bribery, modern slavery, and equal opportunities training.

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