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Remain impartial and compliant

Seeking HR consultancy or outsourcing your company’s HR provisions can ensure that any HR procedures remain impartial and compliant with statutory guidance.

Rest assured that you're doing the right thing.

Enabling a third party, such as Lamont Jones, to handle any HR action can alleviate the pressure and stress of managing things in-house. Plus, with over 30 years’ experience, we’re qualified and well-versed in the sensitivities of handling all HR cases, so you can rest assured that we’re doing the right thing.


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The employee contacted her employer straight away by mail saying she was unable to attend the meeting as she was seeing her sister and other family members on that day and that this family meeting was to discuss treatment and care for their 90-year-old mother who had been diagnosed with cancer.

The employer responded via email stating that the meeting was not optional, and that the employee was required to attend for one hour. The employee repeated that she was unable to attend because this family meeting was very important and had taken some time to set up with other support organisations and the NHS. 

The employer then wrote back saying ‘resignation accepted’ the employee wrote back saying she was not resigning she just could not attend due to her caring responsibilities plus the meeting was on a day she did not work.

An unfair dismissal claim pursued, and the employers actions were found by the tribunal to be wholly unreasonable, and the employee was awarded £17,000.


Why did they lose?

First of all, you cannot demand staff to attend work when it is not their usual workday – you can ask but not demand.

That the reason for nonattendance was valid and genuine and by not considering this the action of the employer was unreasonable.

You have to take into account that people may have care commitments – a lot of employers think children, but the legislation also covered elderly relatives too.

That a fair process of termination was not progressed because the employee had clearly not resigned.

Running a business is tough, and there will be times when you may need all your staff in a meeting at the same time — it is mandatory, and it is galling when one of the staff kicks back in this way. 

However, how you act can result in a costly decision — this is the sort of unusual circumstance where you need HR advice.

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