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Recruitment — Employers

Lamont Jones acts on behalf of the employer to provide a thorough recruitment process from Job description to successful candidate acceptance.

Offered Service:

Create an up to date job description for the role, fitting the business’ needs.

Gain a clear understanding of the company’s team and culture to find a candidate that best fits – concentrating not just on the candidate’s skills but their behaviours as well.

Create a job advertisement and place on all relevant media channels.

Create an application form that specifically asks relevant questions ensuring all aspects of the role are fulfilled.

Compile appropriate questions for a two level interview.

Decide which psychometric and/or aptitude tests will be undertaken by prospective candidates.

Sifting process – review and shortlist applicants.

Inform the unsuccessful candidates.

Conduct first interviews for all possible candidates using the prepared interview questions.

Conduct necessary tests for all possible candidates.

Sift candidates down to the top three for the job based on how they interviewed and tested and invite back for a second interview.

Undertake second interviews using prepared questions.

A senior client representative would be advised to join in on this stage to make a decision on the best candidate, with our assistance.

Send formal offer of employment to the successful candidate, subject to references.

Obtain references for offered candidate and inform unsuccessful candidates.