Staff Training Offered By Lamont Jones Limited

The greatest expenditure a business has is its staff – it is also its greatest asset – providing they are managed well and trained to deliverwhat you need them to do for for your business.

However, training can be expensive and can also be a bit of an unknown. Lamont Jones has an award-winning training team with two National Training Awards under their belt as well as accreditations from the Bradford School of Management.

We can deliver training in house, at our premises or at an agreed venue and this can be from £600 a day for up to 8 people per session – so very cost effective at £75 a head for a full days training!

Our training ranges from all levels of management up to leadership of the senior teams as well as practical topics such as selling and how to interview.

We cover legislative requirements such as Data Protection, Anti-Bribery Training and Anti-Slavery Training – all done cost effectively at £10 a head and delivered through workbooks.

Training your staff makes business sense and will certainly benefit your business and make it more profitable. Not training your staff can have the opposite effect, customer complaints, sales missed and your brand reputation damaged and even the risk of potential employment tribunal claims.