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What do I need and what must I have regarding policies?

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

This is a question that I am often asked when it comes to human resources. A 21st century business, regardless of your attitude to human resources ignores these matters at their peril.

Your staff is one, if not the, biggest cost to any business so why would you not want them to behave in a certain way? These are your policies.

Often HR policies and procedures figure low down on some company’s priority list – until they end up in a tribunal and there is a dispute on interpretation – then they wish they had given it a higher priority.

However, to answer the often asked question above here below is a simple answer.

This is the minimum of what you need:

1 – Contract of employment

2 – Disciplinary and grievance procedures

3 – IT – including internet and social media

4 – Job descriptions

5 – A way of measuring performance – an appraisal

6 – Probation documentation and process

7 – Data protection

8 – Equal opportunities

9 – Sickness and absence

10 – Holiday policy

11 – Health and safety

12 – Life matters policies such as maternity, flexible working, paternity etc.

Now these are the bare minimum, what you really need is a bespoke handbook that is written to serve your environment.

At Lamont Jones we do not ‘beat about the bush’ we give straight answers to straight questions. If you need help in this area – then please just contact us for a no obligation chat.