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For any business wanting to improve any challenges within the recruitment process, our job description writing services could prove invaluable.

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With over 30 years’ experience, Lamont Jones is a CIPD accredited provider of HR services working with businesses across the UK.

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What Is A Job Description?

A job description is a written explanation of a job summary. A well written job description should outline the key duties, responsibilities and qualifications required to fulfil the role.

Job descriptions are often cross-referenced against an applicant’s CV to help potential employers understand more about a candidate's skills and experience. Therefore, they can be helpful during the interview stage. Likewise, the job description may also be referenced later during employee feedback or disciplinary sessions.

What Information Should Be Included In A Job Description? 

A job description should include all of the key details that provide a general overview of the company and role responsibilities.

In other words, a good job description will include information about the company, the position's title, and an overview of the role and what the successful applicant will be expected to do.

Be sure to list the key duties and responsibilities of the job, as well as the qualifications and skills that are required.

Job descriptions are often cross-referenced against an applicant’s CV to help potential employers understand more about a candidate's skills and experience. Therefore, they can be helpful during the interview stage. Likewise, the job description may also be referenced later during employee feedback or disciplinary sessions.

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While a job description needs to be tailored to the job title and industry, a well written job description may include: 

  • Application deadline
  • Application instructions
  • Benefits
  • Company culture
  • Company overview 
  • Desirable personal attributes
  • Equal opportunity employer statement
  • Essential physical requirements (where applicable)
  • Essential qualifications
  • Key responsibilities
  • Holiday allowance
  • Hours per week
  • Job location
  • Job title
  • Nice to have skills
  • Previous job experience
  • Preferred qualifications
  • Reporting structure
  • Salary information
  • Soft skills 
  • Technical skills required
  • Work environment (Onsite, hybrid or remote)

Lamont Jones has intrinsic knowledge of employment law, including the best practices for writing effective job descriptions. Therefore, we can bring our invaluable skills and experience to the table when writing a job description for your business.
Our specialism promotes a better outcome for employers along with potential candidates. 

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Job Descriptions

Why Are Job Descriptions Important?

Job descriptions are equally important for employers as they are for job seekers. 

For employers, a job description is a golden opportunity to clearly communicate what the job entails, along with what qualifications, experience or skills are required for the role. A compelling job description can not only attract the most suitable candidates but also speed up the hiring process.

For job seekers, an engaging job description can stand out and ultimately help attract qualified candidates, especially when job postings can have lots of competition. Overall, a well written job description can make it seem worthwhile to put the effort into applying for the role.

Why Hire An HR Professional To Write A Job Description?

The simple answer is that job descriptions are extremely important to get right, yet can be very challenging to construct so that all the correct things are included. 

The team here at HR Jones have over 30 years of experience in all things job descriptions to help you land your ideal future hire.

As we’ve covered above, a job description should clearly outline the job role and responsibilities, along with any required experience or qualifications. But beyond covering the basics, a well-written job description should attract the most suitable candidates. Plus ensure the employer is not left open to any negative sentiment or potential legal action due to the wording of the advertisement. 

In addition, it’s also important to ensure consistency across all of your job descriptions in terms of upholding a professional company image, while looking to attract a similar calibre of candidates within the talent pool. If you have previously failed to attract the right qualities in job candidates, then this could be well down to the wording of the job description. Our team can work with you to overcome any barrier to help ensure a smooth hiring process for your business through our professional job description writing services. 

Job Description Writing Services UK FAQs

Writing a job description can be challenging, not to mention time-consuming. As HR professionals here at Lamont Jones, we write job descriptions on behalf of UK businesses. While there are a lot of success factors to cover, the most important thing to remember is to include information which will directly target your ideal candidates. The best job description examples capture the essence of what it feels like to work at your company, outline the role and provide a crucial summary of what will be expected from the successful applicant.

The purpose of a job description is primarily to attract suitable candidates by outlining any must have skills. However, it should also set expectations and help candidates to prepare for subsequent interviews at your company. Ultimately, a well written job description will help you narrow down your applicant pool to only those who are qualified and a good fit for the position.

Job seekers increasingly use the internet to find jobs. This can include job board websites (i.e. Indeed or Monster) along with social media sites such as LinkedIn. Therefore, all job descriptions can benefit from being SEO-friendly to attract the most relevant candidates that apply online. 

For a job description to be SEO-friendly, it should contain a clear use of search terms (keywords) relating to the job title, job location, required qualifications and other crucial aspects of interest. With 58% of job searchers now looking for remote jobs, it is also handy to include whether your job is office-based, hybrid or remote. Writing simple yet descriptive job descriptions can greatly improve search visibility for an online job posting.

In short, no. Employers should apply caution when using AI-generated content for any HR purpose including job descriptions. When a job description is carefully crafted by an experienced HR professional, its contents can outline all of the necessary aspects to ensure the best talent can be found to fill the position. All without leaving the employer open to legal issues or added expense in the future. This could be due to poor wording such as vagueness or irrelevant content.

Similar to our stance on AI-generated job descriptions, it is always strongly advisable to have someone write your job descriptions who is familiar with UK employment law along with HR best practices. That’s because writing a job description is not simply about generating lines of text. Instead, that job description should look to attract the most relevant candidates for the role, discourage unsuitable candidates and may even be referred back to as a point of reference to evaluate employee performance in the future. Ultimately, the wrong approach could cost your business in terms of missing out on the best talent or higher employee turnover.

A poorly written job description can result in several negative outcomes for a business. These include attracting unsuitable candidates, missed business opportunities, higher employee turnover, wasted resources and potential legal issues. 

Our HR professionals here at Lamont Jones can write professional job descriptions to help your business avoid these scenarios and more.

It is at the discretion of the employer whether or not to include a salary within a job description. Including a salary can promote transparency and is preferred by job seekers. However, in some cases, adding a salary to a job description can leave businesses vulnerable to competition when headhunting for new roles. So although it’s preferred, sometimes salary details may need to be omitted. Our HR professionals can certainly advise on whether or not to include salary information within your job description.

As an employer, you may need to change the original contents of a job description. For example, if the needs of the business change in the future. Any changes to an employee’s roles or responsibilities must be discussed and agreed upon with the employee. Lamont Jones also provides contracts of employment services which employers may find useful when wanting to change or update an employee’s responsibilities.

A job title is a formal name given to a role within a company, whereas the role description goes into detail about the desired attributes and overall responsibilities expected from the job title. Both job titles and role descriptions are integral aspects of any job description.

When writing a job description, it’s important to be clear and concise. A good job description will include information about the company or organisation, the position’s title, and an overview of the role and what the successful applicant will be expected to do. Be sure to list the key duties and responsibilities of the job, as well as the qualifications and skills that are required.

The recruiting process can hugely benefit from having an effective job description that clearly outlines the job responsibilities and all other key information. A well written job description ensures effectiveness within the hiring process, and can even reduce employee turnover by ensuring transparency for job seekers.

No, job descriptions are not a legal requirement although it is strongly recommended to have one that is tailored to your business along with the position you are hiring. 

Practicality wise, it can be difficult to attract applicants for a job without a formal job description. This is based on various job platforms requiring information to filter applicants, and even the need for job descriptions to contain basic keywords to show up in online searches. Beyond visibility, a job description has several important functions to attract the right applications for your job.

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